Our flooring systems consist of a very heavy duty 6 layer resin system that will not only transform your kennels but are one of the hardest wearing flooring options available on the market

We install various of this same resin in extremely high traffic areas such as Carparks, shopping centres, and airports – The resin technology is designed to withstand the most demanding environments, we have simply adapted this to work in a kennel environment and to suit the needs of the dogs living there. All flooring we install we guarantee for 10 years

Our Hygienic Kennel Flooring systems are completely impermeable meaning NO liquid can penetrate the concrete, it will simply run off the surface – No smells, dirt or bacteria will remain on the surface once it has been thoroughly cleaned, eliminating all bad odours and massively reducing the risk of harmful bacteria or viruses spreading.

Installation & application information

Our flooring systems can be installed on both concrete and wooden kennels, if you don’t have concrete a base we can advise on the best option to have installed, how to do so or work with your building team or contactors.

We will tailor design your flooring system to your specific set up, so whatever your kennel design is we can work with you to suit your needs and requirements.

The whole installation process will usually just take 1 – 2 days (Depending on size of area and weather conditions) We will work around the dogs if needed and understand the need to be flexible if space is limited when dogs can not be moved and around busy seasonal periods.

We will fully prepare your existing floor using our machinery and equipment, this to ensure it is of the best quality to install our flooring onto. We can that removing any existing flaking paint, tiles or latex.

In majority of cases our flooring will be fully cured  and ready to use with in 2 hours of completion so will be ready to use the same day if needed.

Daily use & cleaning

As soon as the flooring in cured it can be cleaned whenever necessary – All our systems can be jet washed and scrubbed and disinfected as much as needed and a detailed cleaning guide will be supplied with all relevant details to ensure your flooring is kept at its best

We supply you with an Antimicrobial cleaning kit to maintain your flooring at it is best as well as detailed cleaning guide to ensure optimum hygiene throughout.

You whole cleaning regime will be improved: Cleaning will be quick, easy and convenient – Just hose down, scrub with disinfectant and dry with squeegee.

Once all remaining water is squeegeed off the floors will be dry and ready to use again.

There are other flooring options available for kennels such as industrial floor paint, titles, rubber etc.

A large percentage of our clients we work with have tried all these options when they come to us are seeking a flooring option that actually works properly and effectivly in a kennel environment.

More often than not our first task when installing our systems in many kennels will be removing failed previously installed flooring like paint, tiles or rubber.

Below we have detailed some other flooring options available and the problems we have come across 1st hand and how they compare to our flooring options:

Option 1 – Floor Paints

One of our most common questions is “How similar resin flooring is to Floor paint?”– The answer we give is not at all…

They are both liquid when applied and that is where the similarity ends.

Floor paint will never last more than a few years at the most, and this if you are lucky – If you have larger, more active, heavy footed or destructive dogs you will be lucky to get 6 months from industrial floor paint before it starts to peel up or wear away. Leaving scruffy, untidy and most importantly unclean flooring that requires constant maintenance and upkeep.

How Hygienic Kennel Flooring Compares…

Our Resin systems come with a 10 year guarantee as standard – They are extremely hardwearing and will stay down even with the most destructive dogs, regardless of size or strength no dog will be able to damage the flooring.

Our resin systems are also combined with an anti-slip coating that you will not get with any form of floor paint and they can be customised to suit any requirements.

Option 2 – Concrete

Plain Concrete is the most common flooring in Kennels; Concrete is fundamentally a huge absorbent sponge, soaking up all liquids, germs and bacteria deep into the substrate making it’s a very unhygienic and potentially dangerous to dogs should a virus like Kennel Cough penetrate the concrete.

Concrete will hold bacteria in the form of smelly odours too, that no matter how much they are cleaned the smell will linger which is not only unpleasant for the dogs and staff living and working in the kennels but also for any visitors and potential customers visiting the premises.

It is without a doubt the hardest surface to clean and keep hygienic and will stay damp for a long time, as it absorbs water deep into the base making it nearly impossible to dry resulting in a cold floor cold in the winter months. This is not a very comfortable living environment for a dog to live.

How Hygienic Kennel Flooring Compares…

Our Hygienic Kennel Flooring systems are completely impermeable meaning NO liquid can penetrate the concrete, it will simply run off the surface – No smells, dirt or bacteria will remain on the surface once it has been thoroughly cleaned, eliminating all bad odours and massively reducing the risk of harmful bacteria or viruses spreading.

We will supply you with the cleaning equipment to instantly dry your floors after cleaning reasulting in a clean dry and comfortable living envrioment for your dogs.

Option 3 – Tiles

Tiles are often the 1st choice when someone looks at making an investment in their kennel flooring, they are cleaner, and more professional than floor paint or standard concrete; however they are a slightly outdated alternative to more modern options such as Latex or resin.

The main problem many kennel owners find with tiles is that the grouted area in between them will still harbour bacteria and dirt; the grout will also still absorb smells in the same way concrete does.

There is extensive maintenance with a tiled floor and they often need re grouting after a few years as the grout will struggle to withstand the corrosive urine and cleaning chemicals, there also the issues of cracking and chipped titles they will need replacing as they can become dangerous or sharp to dogs pads. We have also found that tiles can often become slippery when wet and prove quite hard to dry efficiently, again because of the grout between the titles water will sit in the joins.

How Hygienic Kennel Flooring Compares…

Our Flooring systems combat all the issues presented with titles, the seamless resin eliminates any crevasses or joins in which bacteria or dirt can harbour. The entire floor is impermeable meaning no part of the floor will absorb odour or bacteria like the grouted area between tiles.

Our systems have a full customisable anti-slip option so if you require a specific variation of anti-slip maybe for elderly or large breeds we can tailor the floor to suit your needs.We also offer a fast track system that can be installed and ready to use within a few hours, unlike tiles which are very labour intensive and take time to install.